Root Planing & Scaling

Deep Clean Your Gums to Prevent Periodontal Disease

Root Planing & Scaling| Dentist - Eden Prairie, Hopkins, St Louis Park

A deep cleaning of your teeth and gums, which involves scaling and root planing, is the first step in treating periodontal disease. Deep cleaning usually involves the dental hygienist removing plaque and tarter down to the base of each periodontal pocket. The exposed surfaces of the root are then planed or smoothed, in order to allow the gum tissue to heal and reattach to the teeth. Once your periodontal treatment is completed, we may recommend more frequent checkups and cleanings. Regular dental visits and deep cleanings are important to keep periodontal disease under control. In certain cases, if needed, Dr. Olson will recommend treatment by a periodontal specialist. For more information, Call us or Schedule an Appointment now!